Three teachers from Minnesota schools earned the annual CSTA CS Teaching Excellence Award:

Code Savvy was honored to partner with CSTA-MN, CSTA and the Infosys Foundation USA to host Minnesota’s first-ever CSTA CS Teachers of Excellence Awards (TEA) Ceremony as a part of the 2022 MNCodes Virtual CS Ed Summit.

The CS Teaching Excellence Awards are designed to recognize outstanding teaching by K–12 computer science teachers. Winners excel in inspiring students to explore the computer science field, engaging students in learning rigorous standards-aligned computer science content, and broadening the participation of underrepresented students in computing. CSTA will select at least three K-5 CS teachers and three 6-8 teachers of the ten national winners. These awards were made possible by a grant from Infosys Foundation USA.

-Computer Science Teachers Association,

Several amazing educators from Minnesota were nominated for the 2022 CS Teachers of Excellence Awards, and of those who applied, two Minnesota teachers will be recognized at the national level in the Summer of 2022, and three were recognized in our Regional CSTA CS TEA Ceremony.

It is our great pleasure to recognize the following teachers as recipients of the 2022 CSTA Regional CS Teachers of Excellence Awards:

  • Tika Kude, Computer Science and Engineering Teacher, Wayzata High School
  • Whitney Determan, Computer Science Integrationist (K-5), Bloomington Public Schools
  • Joee Winter, Math and Computer Science Teacher, Austin High School

Thank you all for your dedication to computer science education in Minnesota!!

TEA Regional Award winners are recognized by CSTA in the following ways:

  • a $500 cash prize 
  • Recognition on CSTA’s website 
  • Recognition via a regional awards ceremony

CSTA-MN and Code Savvy are also recognizing each TEA Regional Award winner with a local prize of their choosing.

As soon as the National CSTA CS TEA winners and runners up are officially announced, we will share the Minnesota educators being recognized on the national level as well.

For more information about this award, please visit the CSTA website:

Congratulations again!!