The Computer Science Program at St. Cloud State University is one of only two ABET-accredited programs in the state of Minnesota. Learn more about the opportunities for your students at SCSU. 

Students at SCSU have many options when studying computing; a program can be tailored to match almost any need. Students who major in computer science will find themselves with the skills and computational thinking that drives advances in tomorrow’s business, industry and homes. You’ll be taught by a diverse faculty whose global research and reputations mean you’ll focus on the latest computer science advancements.

The core program: You’ll start with the fundamental concepts of programming, data structures, logic design, assembly programming and discrete math, and go on to advanced topics like operating systems, computer architecture, theory of languages, parallel and distributed systems, data management systems and computing ethics. In addition to technical skills, you’ll build proficiency and earn badges in soft skills and current practices in the IT industry.

Internships: Students are encouraged to take an internship for university credit in their junior and senior years. Industry ties for internships and jobs include: Medtronics, Cargill, IBM Rochester, 3M, Mayo Clinic, and over 50 small companies. Internships show how your course work is applied in industry and what will be expected of you when you enter a full-time job. Employers look for internship experience on your resume.

Elective Courses: Later, you’ll choose specialization courses from artificial intelligence, parallel computing, networks, computer security, theory of database systems, algorithms, software construction, big-data systems, graphics and visualization, and machine learning.

Additional Concentrations and Certifications.

Alongside your BS degree, you can take additional coursework that will earn you a concentration in today’s hot areas. Any of these can be completed within 120 credits, along with a BS in Computer Science:

Concentration in Big Data Applications

Concentration in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Interested students can learn more on the department website: and can email questions to the department office manager Cliff Moran at