Sisters Rise Up, a research project studying how to help female-identified students of color to succeed in AP CS A, is accepting applications.
Sisters Rise Up is studying how to help women of color succeed in AP CSA.  It offers free remote help sessions led by undergraduate students.  Sisters Rise Up uses the free ebook, CSAwesome, which Dr. Barbara Ericson has been adding material to over the last six years.  Sisters Rise Up started in Georgia in 2013 and the number of females of color who passed the CSA exam in Georgia increased from 15 in 2012 to 65 in 2019.   Of course, we can't claim that the increase is due to Sisters Rise Up, but we think that we have contributed to the increase. We are currently accepting applications for this study from women of color (Black, Latinx, and Native American) who are taking an Advanced Placement Computer A course.  Please encourage your Black, Latinx, and Native American female students to apply. 
 High school students who participated in Sisters Rise Up in Georgia have valued it as a place to get answers to their questions, go deeper into computing topics, and get to know undergraduate students who enjoy computing.  Some high school students have said that they wouldn't have passed the exam without Sisters Rise Up, some said they wouldn't have gotten as high of a score, and most said that Sisters Rise Up increased their interest in computing as a career. 
If your student is interested in Sisters Rise Up they should enter parent/guardian information in an online form at  Since this is a research study students will need a parent or guardian to provide consent first.  There a a flyer about Sisters Rise Up which you can view at