The CSTA is the Voice for K–12 computer science education and its educators.

The Computer Science Teachers Association is a membership organization that supports and promotes the teaching of computer science and other computing disciplines. CSTA provides opportunities for K–12 teachers and students to better understand the computing disciplines and to more successfully prepare themselves to teach and learn. 

Why Should I Join the CSTA?
  1. Membership in CSTA means belonging to a community dedicated to excellence in high school computer science education.
  2. Membership in CSTA gives you a say in the development of critical policies concerning curriculum, standards, and certification.
  3. Membership in CSTA gives you preferred access to vital professional development opportunities such as national symposia and workshops.
  4. Membership in CSTA gives you access to more relevant resources, including instructional materials.
  5. Membership in CSTA gives you access to cutting-edge research about current teaching practices and technologies.
  6. Membership in CSTA makes you part of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) family of 80,000 educators, researchers, and professionals world-wide.


Who should join as a CSTA Individual Member?

CSTA Individual Members include: elementary school teachers, middle school teachers, high school computing teachers, college/university computer science faculty and education faculty, and members from industry interested in supporting computer science education and teachers.