There's an exciting new Online Learning Resource Center (OLRC) for Career and Technical Education to help teachers adapt to remote or hybrid instruction.
We are happy to introduce the Online Learning Resource Center (OLRC) for Career and Technical Education, a collaboration between the Minnesota State Career and Technical Education office, the eight Minnesota State Centers of Excellence, and the Minnesota Department of Education.
OLRC is a consolidated source of instructional materials to help secondary and postsecondary educators adapt to the need for ongoing remote or blended instruction. The resources in OLRC have been curated by educators and are free for educators to browse and use. Curation was performed using a selection criteria rubric, and content in OLRC is monitored and updated regularly to ensure its relevance and usefulness.​
OLRC is a response to the unique needs of career and technical education teachers and faculty across Minnesota.
  • What resources do educators need to help them be better online learning teachers?​
  • What off-the-shelf, free resources are available for them to include in their courses?​
  • What methods/means do educators desire for finding and accessing the resources?​
  • How can the resources stay relevant and updated over time?​
Watch a short video to learn more about OLRC at