Senate Bill SF757 and House Bill HF759 have been introduced and call for policies and funding that support computer science education in Minnesota.  Follow along with progress at
House bill HF 759 and Senate bill SF 757 were introduced in January, 2023 and were referred to the Education Policy Committee. The bills seek to advance computer science (CS) education in Minnesota and to establish funds and policies that support CS educator training and capacity building. This 2-page Bill Explainer has a section-by-section explanation of the bill.  CSforALL MN has also created a 1-page Needs Statement document highlighting why legislation is needed to help move Minnesota out of it's last-place standing of high schools offering computer science. The legislation aims to develop and implement the expansion of CS education in Minnesota in a way that is equitable and provides learning opportunities for all students.
Follow along with progress at
video:  March 23, 2023 House Education Finance Committee Meeting - HF759 (Lee, K.) Computer science education advancement provided, rulemaking authorized, and money appropriated.  Explanation of the bill from Rep. Liz Lee and testimony from Tess Campion (Student, St Paul Public Schools), Jen Rosato (CSforAll MN), and Hannah Weissman (